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Ossa, a Spanish beauty, best known for her lightweight two-stroke engine.  Cycle World called the Pioneer "one of the ruggedest bikes made" and "happiest in the boondocks."

In 1930 after the Spanish Civil War destroyed much of the Spanish economy, the Spaniards were in need of reasonably priced transportation.  Manual Giro began designing and producing motorcycles that would serve the need. In the 60's Manual's son Eduardo took over and he had a desire to expand the marketplace.  In 1965 several Ossa bikes were built and entered into the 24-Hours of Barcelona race.  Up against the Spanish rivals of Bultaco and Montesa the Ossa had much to prove.  The 175cc Ossa's took first and second place.

The Ossa on display in the museum was last ridden in 1986.  Parrish purchased the bike from the original owner.  The front fender was broken by the weight of mud on it's last ride.  The tires and everything on the bike are original.  When you see the bike in person check out the mud under the rear fender.   

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Ossa Pioneer 250cc 1972: Exhibitions
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