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HONDA 1988 XR250

Happy 82nd Birthday Jack Traweek
June 21, 2021

 Designed to be a trail dual sport bike it was produced from 1979 to 2004.  This 1988 Honda XR250 was purchased in 1990.  On the 1st outing on a trip to Colorado we stopped in Snowflake, Arizona to watch a motocross race.  After a little convincing I entered the race and placed 3rd with no modifications made to the bike.  Over the years several modifications were made including lowering the seat, putting on a 17" rear wheel and a progressive rear shock.  The exhaust was replaced with an Al Baker designed system and many additional Al Baker modifications.  Dad raced the bike in the first ever Enduro race in San Manuel, I raced it 3 additional times and a local rider Robby Velasquez  once raced the bike.  Dad loved this bike, loved his long journeys on the Redington road to enjoy lunch at the Horse Shoe Cafe in Benson.  When I think of my dad riding most of my memories included this bike. Happy birthday dad!  We love and miss you.

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Honda 1988 XR250: Exhibitions
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