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#298 out of 347 is making its home at JWJ Cycles.  The body resembles a high performance jet, yet it drives like a sports car assembled on a  motorcycle, so it's actually called a Autocycle.  These autocycles were developed by aircraft designer James Bebe, a man who is perhaps better know for his work designing a range of kit planes. The bikes were built between 1985 and 1990  in Owosso Moto Car Company of Michigan. The Pulse rides on 2 main wheels and has 2 outrigger wheels on each side.  In most states it is classified as a 3 wheel motorcycle.  The vehicle is powered by a Honda 1100 cc.  Earlier bikes had 400 cc engines.  The autocycle can accommodate two people in tandem seating and has 6 sq. ft. of luggage space. We look forward to sharing this unusual beauty with you.  For events, group staging or private events contact us at

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Pulse: Exhibitions
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