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The styling of this bike is unorthodox for a motorcycle.  The PC 800 was in production from 1989 - 1998.  It was designed by Honda Motorcycle engineers working side by side with automotive engineers.  Many of the design features off the 1989 Acura Integra can be seen on the bike such as the mirrors, dash, trunk latch and tail lights.  The bike was marketed to appeal to the "white collar professional" opposite of the thought of rebellion brought on by chrome and steel riders. The PC 800 comes with a two compartment waterproof trunk, perfect for a picnic lunch and two full size helmets or cruising around with your goldfish. This PC 800 arrived in Arizona after starting her beginnings on the east coast with her first owner the American Motocross Pioneer, Bryan Kenny.  The bike was eventually acquired by our friend Tom through a family member.  An interesting story while the bike was in Tom's family it was the hospital transportation for his cousin while she was in labor.   The PC 800 has been featured in several Hollywood films such as Leaving Las Vegas and The Great Escape.  We look forward to sharing this State of Art bike with you.

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Honda Pacific Coast 800: Exhibitions
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